With over 15 years of experience, Noetic Creative brings Omaha an elite level of video production services.  As a small company, we have the ability to work with smaller budgets but also have the ability and access to produce large budget projects also.  Whether you are looking for preproduction help, shooting or editing we have the solutions to help you create the best product.

We have worked with brands to help create some pretty fun and simple social media campaigns like Kurt Podany Premier Kick Boxing (KPPK).  With KPPK out goal was to show multiple audiences the advantages of Kickboxing.  The KPPK campaign will be 7-9 short videos like the one below targeting individual audiences for use on social media, and to drive traffic to their website KurtPodanyKickboxing.Com


We’ve also done video production for small start-ups trying to get their brand out there via Kickstarter.  Working with Fitly had some unique challenges as we were working with a fairly small budget and only a prototype product.  But with some creative thinking and a well thought out plan, we helped get Fitly well passed their goal and it is now a pretty popular brand. 


Or with corporations to help engage with clients and tell a specific brand story.  We worked with Easy Vista to help create a large amount of content from their annual convention. We started the event by recording their welcome party, where we shot several stand-up interviews with many of their clients. And on day 2 of the conference, we shot both the entire event with the presenters but also shot several testimonials with their clients.  All of this content was used on their website and by their sales team to help acquire new clients.  We have 2 samples below.


As you can see at Noetic Creative our goal is to suit your video goals.  We’d love to talk to you more about what you’re trying to accomplish and how our video production services can help you achieve your desired goals.  Feel free to reach out anytime (Contact Us)