Live streaming has the ability to bring your event to a worldwide audience.  No need for expensive trucks and airtime to share your message.  We specialize in helping deliver your message to a worldwide audience, and we can help you publish it for everyone to see or just a select audience.



It wasn’t that long ago that in order to share your event of even corporate message to multiple locations and/or homes was a very costly thing to do having to rent satellite time, and then to have the equipment was an entirely different story. Today anyone can share a video live from their cell phone to just about any social media platform out there.  We want to step in a fill in the middle gap for you and your event.  We can help you produce a polished event and live stream it to just about anywhere.  Maybe you’re doing a regular QA and with your CEO and you want all of your customers to be able to have access, we can help you take that to the next level.  Or maybe you do a conference and want to be able to share your message with people that can’t attend we can also help you with that, and also help you generate another stream of revenue via Pay Per View. Or your goal is live streaming your next board meeting to your investors via a secure private link, this is also something we can help you with.  Below are a couple of things we have done but we would love to help you solve your problems. (Contact Us)

Over the last several years we’ve had the opportunity to live stream over 75 events.  From sporting events to conferences to a TEDx event we have the ability to fulfill most any need.  We have the ability to do simple single camera events for in house viewing all the way to complex 3+ camera events with pre-produced videos, replay, graphics, audio, and some simple lighting. With the ability to share with the entire world or just a select few people.

We would love to talk to you about your individual needs for your event and how we can help set you up with the best solution. (Contact Us)