We are able to accommodate most any needs for live video production of an event.  Whether you want one camera so the people in the back can see whats going on in the front or a complete production with up to 4 HD cameras livestreamed to your website to your facebook page with the ability to even make your events pay per view, we are set up to do that.

Live production services

  1. Pre Production (we can put together some videos for you to run during your event)
  2. Post Production (we can edit your event down, burn blu-rays/DVDs, ect.)
  3. Live Graphics (we can put together a custom graphics package for you and your event including lower 3rds, scorecards, pretty much whatever)
  4. Remote Feeds (we can also run remote feed for your event, person can be in another room, city, or country)
  5. PPV (Doing an event and want to charge the viewers?  we can do that also.)


As you can see out services are very customizable we’d love to hear from you and figure out a way we can work with you.  Please fill out the form below.