We’ve all heard about them and probably even seen them.  Drones, they are changing the way we look at real estate, insurance adjustments, agriculture, film and so much more.

We’ve had the fortunate experience to be able to work in several parts of the drone industry and have a large amount of experience in many fields.


Orthomosaic Drone Photography

Orthomosaic photography essentially is an automated way of using a drone to take several photos and stitching them together to create 1 ultra high-resolution photo.  Sometimes being able to get down to a resolution of less than 1 centimeter per pixel.

This type of photo is typically GPS located and can be used for several different things such as mapping, planning, and done over time can show a lot in crop growth and crop health over time along with the use of near infrared can tell a lot about a crop and it’s health.

We’ve also done some orthomosaic photography for roofers and insurance companies to take a better look at a roof without ever having to climb up on top of it.



Real Estate Drone Photography / Videography

We’ve all seen it at this point those awesome shots that make a house look amazing, being able to see the whole property in one shot. That amazing video flying down to the door of the property, all done with drones and we can help you create that great look for your properties.

Drone Video / Cinematography

In Hollywood, they’ve been doing it for years, but there are very few things that can take a production to the next level like an aerial shot can.  You can get a nice establishing shot for your branded content piece or your video with next to minimal effort.  Below I’ve got a piece entirely done with a drone to show off a golf course like you’ve never seen before. 



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