2020 has been a crazy year for so many reasons, but with this pandemic, it had made it very difficult for many customers to reach their customers.  One huge question has been, how do you connect with your audience during a pandemic like this.  At Noetic Creative, we have worked with several organizations to take their shows virtual.  We understand that no single solution works for everyone but we have worked with a few companies over the last few months to come up with specialized solutions for each individual business.  

Earlier this summer we worked with the Omaha Summer Arts Festival, a show that normally draws thousands of attendees to downtown Omaha over a weekend of events, to continue their events and connect customers with vendors.  We used a combination of pre-recorded content, live content, and also remote live content, along with a website vendor allowing each vendor to have their own storefront.  This allowed the festival to go on amid the pandemic and although not perfect it allowed vendors and the organization to be out there and visible, at the same time expanded the possible audience by allowing anyone worldwide to tune in to the stream and purchase products from the vendors.  

Check out OSAF Livestream (here) 

Video also has become a great way to connect with your audience during a pandemic.  Using video as a medium on your website, or event on social media can be a great way to get your message across is a great and interactive way.  We’ve had the ability to work with a local gym to help make your workout experience easier at home by helping put together workouts you can do from your home, this has been a great way for the gym to keep their clients engaged, and not going elsewhere for your service, amid the pandemic.

We would love to talk with you about how we can help you take your event virtual, or even help create engaging content to connect to your audience.  Be sure to reach out here.