The day of the typical commercial or ad is becoming an idea of the past. Today brands want to use their platform to tell a story.  They want to connect you to the brand through a way that is more than just brand recognition.  Creating a great piece of branded content requires portraying your company values through a story.

Here is an example of a piece of branded content we put together for Gavilon Grain.  


Gavilon’s goal with the branded content piece was to introduce their brand in a way it hadn’t been seen before.  They wanted to show their global connections but wanted to make sure to connect with the local growers also.  Down the road we will be producing videos that are more brand specific, but this piece was a great example of telling the story of the grain from beginning to end.

We would love to work with you on creating a great piece about your brand to help tell your brand’s story and values.  Please reach out today for a free consultation. (Contact Us)