We have a new toy.

You know you’ve been looking for that way to step up the level of you production, well so have we.  We’ve recently acquired a DJI Ronin, which can support up to 16 lbs.  And this is something we are renting out.  Hit us up for more info (Email)


Size Does Matter

When high definition televisions first hit the market, in the early 2000’s I sold them. This was before flat screens, before blu-ray, and really the only HD content that you could get was through a satellite provider.


Live Production

Do a complete live production with up to 4 HD cameras livestreamed to your website to your facebook page with the ability to even make your events pay per view, we are set up to do that.


Omaha Film Festival 48 hr

We were afforded the opportunity to compete in the Omaha Film Festival’s 48 hr film festival in 2013 here is what we came up with



These Photos I shot a  couple years ago of Macie, a great young lady with a ton of potential.


Andi Lee

I was super fortunate to work with the great Andi Lee on a photo shoot some time ago


The Path Episode 1

This is a show we started work on with Brian “B-Hue” Houston.  We are hoping to expand this


Winter XGames 2012

I was very fortunate to make my way to Aspen in 2012 and catch some phenomenal pictures of